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Recently Released Memoir Anthologies

Knowledge Access Books is pleased to announce the publication of a two-volume anthology, Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road and Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond. The two volumes were released in 2016.

Tales of Our Lives: Fork in the Road includes 42 award-winning stories in 6 parts with 42 writing prompts, 381 pages.


Introduction by Matilda Butler

PART 1: Growing Up

Life Will Be So Different by Cleopatra Lim
The Scent of Transformation by Caitlin Gemmell
The Curtain Rises by Alison Shuman
The Eternal Lake by Lydia Huth
House of Tiki by Cindy Small
The Continental Divide by Manda Levine
Blood, Ripples, and Loss by Pamela Williamson

PART 2: How I Met…How I Left

One Pack of Cigarettes by Sherrey Meyer
The Invisible Red Thread by Phung Hollifield
Good for One by Jacqueline Lauri
Eye on the Prize by L. Susan Buckwell
Violets Are Not Blue by Judy Conibear Kohnen
Riding into the Future by Ronna L. Edelstein
He Said, She Said by Ingrid Littmann-Tai
First Time, Shame on You… by Kathleen Kline
Losing It by Ellen Berman
Rediscovered Sunset by Ashley Bass
Pas De Deux by Maureen C. Berry

PART 3: Making Lemonade

Hardball by Katharine Valentino
How Cheating Saved My Relationship
by Meredith Miller
I Swear I’m Blind by S.J. Coleman

PART 4: From Weakness Strength

Speaking Up by Barbara Ruth
Crip Cargo Hook-Up by Heidi Johnson-Wright
Windows by Jennifer Chertow
Recovery: Italian Style by Susan Darin Pohl
Dead on Arrival by Jeri D. Walker-Boone
Hospitals, Depression, and Forgiveness
by Jeri D. Walker-Boone

PART 5: Departures

A Time to Lose, a Time to Heal
by Martha Graham-Waldon
The Last Gift by Margaret Peterson
Sharing Death by Marie Mound
Mother, Shattered by Sally Stillson Bartlett
The Accident by Karen Stapleton
The Miracle of One by Robin L. Chodak
The Plum Pie Lady, Paula and Me
by Ann Fiegen

PART 6: Life Mosaic

Living in a Danger Zone by J. Moffett Walker
The Gift of Compassion by Micki Peluso
Wind at My Back by Rita Pomade
Survival Instincts by Marilyn June Janson
A Night I’ll Never Forget by Carol D’Agostino
Horse Sense by Laureen Andrews
To Feel Again by Christina Dudley
Payback by Maria Rodero

Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond includes 39 award-winning stories in 8 parts with 56 writing prompts, 373 pages.


Introduction by Matilda Butler

PART 1: Leaving Childhood

Farewell to Childhood by Renee Howard Cassese
My New Loft by T.L.Way
Good Girls and Whores by Patricia Hamilton

PART 2: Consonance and Dissonance

Gerlinda’s Wish by Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Iris and Me by Heidi Johnson-Wright
Kashagoud…Kasha by Ann Bennett
Burying Sara Teasdale by Renee Howard Cassese

PART 3: Tours, Trials, and Treks…Peregrination

Blessing Bikes by Ann Bennett
Scary Mountains by Nancy Nolan
My Last Bad Decision by Bianca Santini

PART 4: I Remember Mama (and Others)

Side by Side by Marcy N. Jubach
Best Friend by Peifong Ren
Dad Remembered by Christine Kingshott
Barbies in the Snow by Claudia Becker
Semper Fi by Nina Fosati
Extra Salt on the Fries by Katie Reid

PART 5: Disturbance

Seeking a Diagnosis by Judy Lawless
All Dressed Up by Renee Winter
Fire-Breathing Yellow Jackets by Sharon MaHarry

PART 6: Not Older, Better Through Grace, Love and Humor

She Walks by Johnine M. Simpson
Bratwurst Arms by Diane Caldwell
Blessed Be the Crone by Diana M. Amadeo
Blame It on Menopause by Viga Boland

PART 7: Loss and Longing

Take Care of the Kids by Caryn Kelly
On the Wings of a Butterfly by Linda Greeley
Why Didn’t You Catch Me? by Sharon K. Miller
One Last Visit by Allison Wilson Lee
When Death Comes Knocking by Patsy O’Shea
Thoughts on Being Good by Ginny Hull
The Greatest Wedding Gifts by Lauren Reidy Scheib
A Rose by Any Other Name by Kaila Weingarten

PART 8: Tessellated Tales

Lost in the Haight by Catherine Marshall
Kernel by Molly Krause
Letter to an Unborn Child by Caroline Allen
The Summer of 62 by Renee Winter
Green-Striped Hat Box by Ellen S. Barnes
Perfection or Rejection by Elsi Dodge
Shedding Old Skin by Nilda Benavides
Breaking the Rules by Hazel S. Muller

Book Awards for Tales of Our Lives Anthologies

1. eLit Awards: Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellence
2016 GOLD MEDAL WINNER – Anthologies

2. Los Angeles Book Festival
2016 RUNNER UP – Anthologies

3. New England Book Festival
2015 HONORABLE MENTION – Anthologies


Current Book Catalogue

Seasons of Our Lives, an award-winning, four-volume anthology series is available through Amazon’s Kindle Books.

Book Awards for Seasons of Our Lives Anthologies

1. Next Generation Indie Book Award, Women’s Issues
WINNER/First Place ($100 cash prize): Seasons of Our Lives: Autumn

2. Los Angeles Book Festival, Compilations/Anthologies
WINNER: Seasons of Our Lives: Spring

3. Global Ebook Awards, Writing Non-Fiction
GOLD: Seasons of Our Lives: Summer

4. eLit Book Award, Anthologies
SILVER: Seasons of Our Lives: Winter

5. Global Ebook Awards, Anthology Non-Fiction
SILVER: Seasons of Our Lives: Autumn

6. eLit Book Award, Women’s Issues
BRONZE: Seasons of Our Lives: Winter

7. San Francisco Book Festival, Compilations/Anthologies
RUNNER-UP: Seasons of Our Lives: Autumn

8. Great Northwest Book Festival, Compilations/Anthologies
HONORABLE MENTION: Seasons of Our Lives: Summer

Memories. Memoirs. Stories of our lives. The award-winning authors Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett invited women to submit personal vignettes about the seasons of their lives. Sweet stories. Sad stories. Joyful stories. Poignant stories. The small stories that make up our days, our lives. Hundreds of stories were read and evaluated. The best of these, the award-winning stories, are included in the four volumes of Seasons of Our Lives: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Each story concludes with a takeaway from the editors — takeaways that will help you reflect on the seasons of your life. And if you’re interested in creating a legacy of your own family or personal stories, these takeaways are designed to help you write more dynamically and powerfully so that you can proudly share your own life seasons with family, friends, and even more widely.

Enjoy these inspiring stories.

“It is true that each woman is a story waiting to be told—and in this outstanding collection of memoirs you’ll find many wonderful women’s stories. It is also true that each woman’s story is everywoman’s story, for we share so many of the same experiences. As I read these stories [in Seasons of Our Lives], I am reading bits and pieces from my own life, and I am inspired to write my own with a more passionate and compassionate heart. I hope you are, too.” ~Susan Wittig Albert, bestselling author of Writing from Life

Seasons of Our Lives, a compilation of memoirists’ vignettes, brings poignant stories of history and nostalgia to the reader, as well as writing observations and lessons for the author in everyone. Seasons of our Lives is sure to be another award-winning work from the dynamic duo of Butler and Bonnett.” ~Judy Sheer Watters, author of The Road Home: The Legacy that was, is and is to Come

“A summer’s bouquet of award–winning stories that engage, inspire, and also teach. Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett’s “takeaways” on each piece illuminate the modes of thought and specific techniques that make each story work. A delight for anyone who enjoys compelling stories as well as a handbook for those who desire to tell or write their own. I’m proud to be included in Seasons of Our Lives: Summer.” ~Judith Newton, Professor Emerita, UC Davis, Women and Gender Studies, award-winning food memoir author, Tasting Home

Writing Alchemy: How to Write Fast and Deep, an award-winning book on a revolutionary approach to writing:

Book Awards

1. OWFI Awards
BEST Nonfiction Book, 2013
2. New English Book Festival, How-To
3. Next Generation Indie Book Festival, Education/Academic

“Writing Alchemy is the Next Best Thing. It will help you create purpose-driven writing, develop a more productive writing practice that makes better use of your time and energy, and take more pleasure from the creative process….You’ll find something you can use on every page–and it’s fun to read, too!” – Susan Wittig Albert, memoirist and NYT best-selling author of the China Bayles series and other mysteries

“Writing Alchemy is one of the most exciting books about writing I have read in a long while….This book is indispensable for not only memoir writers, but writers of fiction as well. WRITING ALCHEMY is going on my shelf, right next to Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones!” – Pamela Jane Bell, author of 13 popular children’s books and currently writing her memoir

Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story is an award-winning collective memoir on the lives of women born during WWII, an amazing generation:

Book Awards

1. IPPY National Book Award, Women’s Issues
2. Indie Excellence Book Awards
3. Beach Book Festival, Biography/Autobiography
4. San Francisco Book Festival Award, Biography/Autobiography

Butler and Bonnett encourage us to consider our worth and spend it wisely as powerful and empowered women. — Martha Alderson, author of Blockbuster Plots Pure and Simple

…a masterful job of weaving many voices into an easy to read text filled with “Aha!” moments. — Beth Proudfoot, Director of the East of Eden Writers Conference

Dog Dish Diet is an award-winning book that features an innovative and practical discussion of how to get and keep your dog healthy:

Kindle Version:

1. San Francisco Book Festival, How-To
2. Living Now Book Awards, Animals & Pets
3. Indie Excellence Book Award, Pets & Animals
4. Next Generation Book Awards, Pets & Animals

“I own a kennel and training facility located in Gilroy, CA. Dr. Martinez has seen many of my personal pets, competition dogs and clients’ pets for allergy related issues. The symptoms have varied from excessive itching, hair loss and hotspots to gastrointestinal issues. Upon changing the diet, my clients and I noticed significant improvement in the animals’ health immediately.”- Deleta Jones, K-9 Ambassador, Gilroy, CA

“In his outside-the-bag look at pet nutrition, Dr. Greg opens the eyes of the reader to a commonsense approach to feeding our four-legged friends. Rightfully dispelling the myths and misconceptions of feeding pets from the table, Dog Dish Diet guides the pet owner through the commercial pet food jungle and leads them to the bounty of fresh meat and produce found in those sections of the grocery store normally reserved for those who walk upright. In his enlightened work, Dr. Martinez journeys back in time and returns with the “Paleo Diet” for pets—biologically appropriate foods that kept Fido’s ancestors healthy and strong…and living much longer lives than most of today’s over-medicated pets. Dog Dish Diet is a must read for those dog lovers whose companions have been plagued with chronic illnesses and abbreviated life spans. It is definitely time to think outside the bowl, and Dr. Greg’s no nonsense approach to canine cuisine will help bring out the wolf in anyone’s pooch.”- John B. Symes, D.V.M. (aka “Dogtor J.”)

If you are interested in memoir writing, we invite you to check out Women’s Memoirs website.

If you are interested in Rosie the Riveter, we invite you to check out Rosie’s Daughters website where we also highlight our complete line of Rosie the Riveter Gear. You can also see our Rosie the Riveter Gear in our store.